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" VĒRBEĻNIEKI " a great place for your holiday by the sea , a stop trip to Lithuania, Curonian Spit in Nida , OR OTHERWISE ! .
Guest house and camping running on Liepāja - Klaipeda highway is located just 6 km distance from the major cities of Kurzeme in Liepaja . Holiday has 10 hectares of land at the same host in the Baltic Sea ( to the beach only 50m) , which is the flower and fruit gardens, meadows, ponds and fish , of course, the sea and the pine forest freshness . We offer accommodation in guest houses , individual family houses, as well as provide tent and trailer site . It offers comfortable rooms but romantic and nice moments you spend with one of fireplaces lounges or terrace. (Guest house guests the use of the premises or Evening festivities are free ) . The kitchen , a grill for cooking guest tenants can use for free . But for an additional fee you can take steam bath in the black , in the sauna , jacuzzi or hot tub under the stars ! We offer a banquet hall for seminars and weddings . From May 1 -15 . September running summer cafe `` `` Hay barn . We offer daily meals , as well as laying the table for various events throughout the year.

In the recreation complex "Vērbelnieki"
Thank you for choosing the recreation complex ``Värbeļnieki``. Our complex is friendly for families with children and guests who want to enjoy a peaceful vacation in nature. Thinking about mutually tolerant and long-term cooperation, the Internal Rules have been created, which determine the service provision procedure of the Recreation Complex ``Värbeļnieki'', guest stay and safety requirements, which must be followed by every person who receives the services provided by the Complex, regardless of age, (further – Guest).
Before receiving the service and before paying for the service, the Guest is obliged to familiarize himself with these rules in time and undertake to comply with them.
The Guest's stay in the recreation complex ``Vērbeļnieki'' and the receipt of services is a sufficient confirmation that the Guest is familiar with these terms and agrees to them. In case of claims and objections regarding the content of the Internal Rules during the Guest's stay, the payment for the service will not be returned ! 

Check-in at the Complex takes place at the Reception, represented by an employee of the Complex, during working hours from 09:00 to 22:00.
Check-out from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (earlier arrival or later departure by prior arrangement with the Registrar).
Day guests who have not booked accommodation must leave the territory of the complex by 22:00.
During the automated gate operation, the exit token can be exchanged in the ``Siena skūnis'' cafe near the bar from 09:00 to 22:00.
In case of loss of the token, a contractual penalty of 30 EUR is provided
In order to register in the complex, the guest must present a valid identity document (ID card or passport) and make full payment for the reserved services, as well as the Guest fills in the registration form, which, by signing, the guest confirms that he has read and understands the Internal Regulations of the Recreation Complex "Vērbeļnieki" rules of procedure and the consequences of their non-compliance.

It is forbidden to bring and use weapons, narcotic and psychotropic substances in the territory of the recreation complex.
It is forbidden to bring and store non-flammable materials, use uncertified and unsafe electric heating devices, as well as use devices with an open flame (candles, magic candles, etc.).
The staff of the complex is not responsible for the damage caused to visitors' belongings, loss, theft or damage to personal belongings, including vehicle theft. Even when leaving your accommodation temporarily, we recommend that you lock it and keep the key with you. In case of loss of the key, a contractual penalty of 10 EUR.
Smoking is prohibited in the children's playgrounds of the recreation complex, public catering and accommodation. A contractual penalty of 200 EUR may be applied for non-compliance with the smoking ban.
Free toilets are available for guests in the recreation complex.
In the territory of the "Vērbeļnieki" recreation complex, trailer and tent sites are assigned only by an employee of the Complex. Arbitrarily erecting tents is prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to build tents and light bonfires in the Baltic sea dune and beach area.
It is forbidden to light a bonfire or grill in a place not intended for it without the permission of the Complex staff.
It is forbidden to saw, cut or break trees in the territory of the Complex.
It is allowed to throw waste only in containers specially designed for it. Only the waste intended for this purpose may be thrown into the separate waste bins.
Health, life
Children under the age of 18 may stay in the recreation complex only under the supervision of their parents or an authorized person.
In case of feeling unwell or injured, the Guest has the right to turn to the staff of the Complex for help and ask for qualified medical assistance.
The complex is not responsible for any damage to a person's health or life, which occurred as a result of the person's own negligent actions or carelessness.
Dogs and cats that are not aggressive and do not pose a threat to other people are allowed in the territory. When registering, you must inform the Complex employee about the animals you bring with you. Animals must be kept on a leash. It is the responsibility of owners to pick up after their pet and look after it at all times.
It is forbidden to damage the recreational complex's inventory and buildings. It is forbidden to take furniture and other inventory out of the accommodation, as well as to bring furniture from other premises into it.
In order to avoid misunderstandings, if you have found damage to the accommodation upon your arrival, please report it immediately to the Reception of the Recreation Complex.
Night time in the Complex is set from 11pm to 8am. During this time it is forbidden to make noise (play music, sing, talk loudly, operate vehicles, etc.).
The Complex employee first warns the Guest about non-compliance with this rule. If the disturbance of the night's sleep continues, the Security Company is called to ensure order, which is a paid service and costs EUR 70
If the Guest disobeys the request of an employee of the Complex or the Security Company to stop activities disturbing the Night Peace and continues to ignore the rules of Internal Discipline, the police will be called, whose competence is to initiate administrative proceedings, while the Administration of the Complex has the right to request the Guest to immediately leave the territory of the Recreation Complex together with the persons who have arrived.
Failure to comply with nighttime requirements is recognized as disturbing public order, which, according to Article 11 of the ``Administrative Penalties Law on Violations in the Field of Administration, Public Order and Use of the State Language'', is petty hooliganism, for which a penalty of fourteen (70 EUR) to one hundred is applied (500 EUR) for penalty units.
The aforementioned prohibition may be disregarded in cases where the entire Recreation Complex is rented out for holding an event.
In case of non-observance of these Terms, the Guest undertakes the consequences provided for in the Terms - the prohibition to receive and use the service in the future, to pay the relevant contractual penalty, as well as to compensate the damages caused to the Recreation Complex "Vērbeļnieki" or to third parties in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia.
For non-observance of the procedures or prohibitions mentioned in these regulations, the staff of the Complex has the right to refuse to serve the guest, to request the Guest to leave the territory of the Recreation Complex together with the guests. In this case, the money for the reserved and paid services is not refunded.
The guest informs the Registrar's staff about any situation or agrees to conduct that is not stipulated in these Terms.
 e-mail: verbelnieki@inbox.lv, tel. no., +371 29138565
Emergency service phone number: 112